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Listen To A Clip Of The New MEGADETH Song ‘Life In Hell’

Dave Mustaine recently shared a clip of new Megadeth song with a Cameo user.

MEGADETH mainman Dave Mustaine has debuted a clip of music from the band’s upcoming sixteenth studio album.

Mustaine shared the clip while filming a new video message on Cameo for a MEGADETH fan named Gabe. (For those unaware, Cameo allows users to hire celebrities to record brief, personalized video messages for them).

Speaking to Gabe, Dave said: “I will play you something that’s been recorded already and is special. How would you like to hear a little bit of the new album? This is song two from side one. It’s called ‘Life In Hell’.”

After playing the clip, Dave adds: “There you go. A little special surprise for you, buddy. So I think that makes you the first person in the outside world — outside of the studio and the band and my family — that’s heard any music from the new record.”

Currently, Dave Mustaine charges $299 for each of his Cameo videos for personal use and $2,093 for business use.