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Listen To A Teaser Of Rumored New MESHUGGAH Music From Forthcoming Album

Meshuggah's new album is expected later this year via Atomic Fire.

Speculation remains rife that Swedish Extreme metal act MESHUGGAH will be unleashing their ninth studio album, speculatively titled “Immutable”, this April.

Numerous fans have been actively speculating online in an attempt to confirm the authenticity of a newly launched promo site located at immutable.se which carries a short audio clip of what definitely sounds a lot like MESHUGGAH.

While the band themselves have yet to publicly address the website, which also has various outright mentions of MESHUGGAH in the source code, or the sound clip itself, you can listen to a secondary snippet of the music below.

Last month, MESHUGGAH revealed that they had run into some issues completing their long-awaited new album, which also necessitated the postponement of their planned U.S. touring to the fall of this year.

Having spent three years writing, rehearsing and re-working material for the effort, MESHUGGAH show no signs of holding back. The band remain somewhat tight lipped about releasing too many details, however Metal Hammer recently spoke with drummer Tomas Haake and guitarist Mårten Hagström to find out the status of the record.

When asked ‘On a scale of (previous MESHUGGAH albums) “Obzen” to “Catchthirtythree”, how off the wall sounding the record is, Tomas replied: “Well, ‘off the wall’ isn’t really how I would describe it… Sound-wise we were going for a warmer sound this time around, less harsh mids and highs in the guitars and less abrasive cymbals etc. Getting older, you feel like ‘I wanna be able to enjoy this’ and not just be mauled and run over.”

MESHUGGAH’s new album is expected later this year via Atomic Fire.