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LORNA SHORE Vocalist WILL RAMOS’ Throat Studied by Doctors To Figure Out How He Does Those Vocals

YouTube account 'The Charismatic Voice' has studied Lorna Shore vocalist Will Ramos's throat because nobody should naturally sound that brutal.


YouTube account ‘The Charismatic Voice‘ has studied LORNA SHORE vocalist Will Ramos‘s throat to find out just how he is able to sound so brutal.

The Charismatic Voice‘ teamed up with Drs. Ingo Titze and Amanda Stark to try to figure out just how the LORNA SHORE frontman is able to create such insane gutterals, strait from the deepest pit of hell, with just his throat.

“We brought Will Ramos out to Utah to find out physiologically what’s happening in his larynx while he’s making the deep gutterals, screamingly high goblins, tuvan throat singing and everything else in his repertoire,” explains ‘The Charismatic Voice‘ in the video’s description. “Please Donate to the National Center for Voice and Speech (NCVS) to help fund projects like this one, and help disseminate the highest quality voice information to researchers and the public.”

As for LORNA SHORE, the New Jersey deathcore band recently announced their new album “Pain Remains“, which is set to arrive in October. The band have already unleashed the song “Sun Eater” from the effort.

“We’re so happy so be able to put out something different and new that further exemplifies who we’ve become as individuals and as a whole,” says Ramos about the upcoming album and track. “This song/album really brings together everything that we’ve been working towards being and we couldn’t be more excited to share it with you all.”

Check out both the band’s new single and the findings in Will’s throat below.