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Metal Drummer Plays Along With A Walrus Doing Death Gutturals, And It’s Awesome

Turns out Walruses are great at extreme, guttural vocals.

Metal drummer Davis Paradis of band DREAM OF SCIPIO has uploaded a new TikTok video of him providing some seriously savage drum beats to the sounds of a death-growling walrus.

And it sounds seriously awesome. And hilarious.

The unknown walrus, who puts on a seriously brutal performance, is not currently fronting any extreme metal acts as far as we can tell, so if you’re in a band in need of a vocalist who can deliver some seriously lethal, guttural vocals strait from the lowest pit of Hell, you may be in luck.

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Some serious shouts out to drummer Davis Paradis’ though, for not only dropping some deadly blast beats and super tight rhythms, but also for creating one of the funniest videos we have seen in awhile.

Check out the video below.

@daparadise @professional.biolojist this walrus has some crazy metal vocal techniques #metaldrummer #walrus ♬ original sound – David Paradis