Former Dream Theater drummer Mike Portnoy recently sat down with Metal-Rules.com and spoke about his feelings toward his former band.

Metal-Rules.com: Can I ask something about your former band, if you don’t mind?

Portnoy: I may not answer it.

Metal-Rules.com: Have you heard their latest album?

Portnoy: I won’t talk about, because there is no winning. Any time I say anything about Dream Theater… Honestly, I’d rather not talk about it. Because no matter what I say, it will be twisted and… So I kind of have made myself promise, that I won’t talk about Dream Theater anymore. If you want to ask me about my 25 years in the band, I could talk about that. But talking about them now, it’s a no-win situation.

Metal-Rules.com: I totally understand so can you then briefly sum up your 25 years with the Dream Theater?

Portnoy: Yeah. I’m proud of everything I did for those 25 years. That was my life for a quarter of a century, my half of lif-time. Dream Theater was my baby. I formed it from the beginning, out of college and I lived a lifetime with them. So I’m proud of every one of those albums and every one of the shows. I left behind a legacy and there is a lot of people that still talk about seeing me with them. I don’t count on that happening. I wouldn’t count on it. I wouldn’t bet money on it. If it happens, then, sure, I’m up for it. Because I’m a very sentimental person and I still love the guys and I love the fans. But I surely don’t count on it and I don’t plan on it, and I’m happier than ever with everything I’m doing now.

Metal-Rules.com: I can see that you’re really happy man now.

Portnoy: Yeah, I’m free. I don’t think I was ever meant to be tied down to one band for the rest of my life, playing one style of music. I’m a music fan of so many styles that I need to have the freedom to do that kind of stuff.

You can read the entire interview at Metal-Rules.com.

Portnoy quit Dream Theater in September 2010 while on tour with Avenged Sevenfold.