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MORBID ANGEL Drop Off ‘Maryland Deathfest’; DEICIDE To Play “Legion” In Its Entirety

Morbid Angel have canceled their upcoming appearance at this year's Maryland Deathfest.

MORBID ANGEL have canceled their upcoming appearance at this year’s Maryland Deathfest, due to the “current climate”.

Festival organizers announced the band’s decision to pull out of the event in a social media post earlier today, writing: “MORBID ANGEL will no longer be performing at MDF 2022. Despite trying to convince them to not cancel, the only thing we’ve been told is that the band ‘will not be playing MDF or any other shows in the current climate’, so we’ll let you interpret that however you see fit.”

MORBID ANGEL will be replaced at Maryland Deathfest by DEICIDE, who are set to perform their 1992 album “Legion” in its entirety at the festival.

Other bands who have dropped off this year’s Maryland Deathfest are VALKYRJA, ARCHGOAT, BLAZE OF PERDITION and ANTICHRIST. They are being replaced by IMMOLATION, PROFANATICA, AKHLYS and SULFURIC CAUTERY.