motorhead, Motorhead joined onstage by classic members ‘Fast’ Eddie Clark and Phil ‘Philthy’ Taylor…

Motorhead were recently joined onstage by former members “Fast” Eddie Clarke (guitar) and Phil “Philthy” Taylor (drums) at a November 6 show in Birmingham.

The two original members rejoined their onetime bandmate Lemmy Kilmister, at the National Indoor Arena, before Clarke, Lemmy and current drummer Mikkey Dee tore into a rendition of the Motorhead classic “Ace Of Spades”.

Lemmy was asked by Guitar International back in 2011 if he would if he would ever consider a reunion with Taylor and Clarke.  His response was: “No, because these two guys with me now have been with me longer than the original two. They played ‘Ace Of Spades’ more often than those two. They played ‘Overkill’ more often than those two. Why should I put Phil [Campbell] and Mikkey on hold to go off with guys who probably can’t play them as well? They’ve been out of practice. It’s ridiculous to think of it. Then I would be a nostalgia act. I’m all for the now and the future.”

When asked if he still had any communication with the past members of the band, he said: “Now and then. I like Phil, he was my best mate. Eddie was kind of a friend except he was always complaining about something. It got kinda tedious. Last time he left, we laid low. Before, one of us would go off and bring him back. It was a shame he shouldn’t have done that, we had a lot going for us back then. He should have stuck though it. It was the Wendy O. Williams thing and I couldn’t understand that (reference: recording ‘Stand By Your Man’, a cover version of the Tammy Wynette with Wendy O. Williams). He just gave up on it because Wendy wasn’t immediately perfect on it, she just needed to go through it a few times and he left the band over it. I couldn’t fucking believe it. I think he was expecting to be talked back in. Phil came in the room and said, ‘Eddie’s left again.’ I said, ‘Whose turn is it to go talk to him?’ [Laughing]. I said, ‘Fuck it, I’m not doing it.’ That’s the way it went. Wrong decision on his part.”

Click below to watch fan-filmed footage of the performance…

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