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NIGHTWISH Will Begin Recording Their Next Album Next Summer

Nightwish keyboardist Tuomas Holopainen was recently asked if work had begun on the follow-up to the band's 2020 studio album "Human. :II: Nature".


NIGHTWISH keyboardist Tuomas Holopainen was recently asked if work has begun on the follow-up to the band’s 2020 studio album “Human. :II: Nature“.

Speaking with Rock Sverige, Tuomas responded: “I’ve got all the songs done during the pandemic. I might as well use that time. We listened to the demos for the first time with the whole band about three weeks ago when we were in America. Things are rolling.”

The NIGHTWISH keyboardist and principal composer went on to say that he spent “about a year” working on the music and lyrics for the next NIGHTWISH album, “and then we finished the demos about two months ago. We’re hitting the studio next summer, so in about a year from now,” he revealed. “Like I said, might as well use the time for something.”

When asked if he got any kind of inspiration from the Covid-19 worldwide pandemic, Tuomas replied: “Yeah, lyrically there’s a couple of things that reflects the pandemic, but not in the way you would expect.”

Human. :II: Nature.” was released in April 2020 and was released as a double album containing nine songs on the main CD and one long track, divided into eight chapters, on the second.