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OF MICE & MEN Debut The New Song ‘Mosaic’

Of Mice & Men have unleashed the new song "Mosaic.

OF MICE & MEN have unleashed the new song “Mosaic,” fresh off the heels of the ‘Timeless’ and ‘Obsolete’ EPs that arrived earlier in 2021. You can check it out below.

“‘Mosaic’ is about questioning whether or not we, as human beings, can overcome our seemingly primal need for combativeness, because it’s more prevalent than ever in our lives these days,” says bassist/vocalist Aaron Pauley.

OF MICE & MEN have also kept busy with their new Twitch partnership. Their debut stream was held on July 1 and the band has been utilizing the platform to invite fans to sit in on their songwriting sessions, take part in question and answer sessions and more.

To follow OF MICE & MEN on Twitch, go to this location.