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Original BLACK SABBATH Drummer BILL WARD Holds No Grudges Toward His Former Band

In February 2017, Black Sabbath wrapped up finished "The End" tour in Birmingham, closing out the group's 49-year career.

Original BLACK SABBATH drummer Bill Ward recently sat down with Metal Hammer and discussed his feelings toward his former bandmates.

Bill said: “I love the you-know-what out of those guys. I’ve come through the angry bits that happened in 2012 and arrived in a place of being at peace with myself and with them. I’m glad we did what we did and often go down memory lane with the early work we did in Copenhagen and the Reeperbahn in Hamburg. I love those guys and all the imperfections that go with that. It’s a great feeling, having come as far as we have, and I’m happy just being able to write or talk to them if I want to.”

Bill was initially a part of BLACK SABBATH’s reunion when it was announced more than a decade ago but mysteriously bowed out. Ward later claimed unfair contractual terms kept him from taking part however, the other members of the legendary metal band have given the impression that he wasn’t physically able to sit behind the drum kit for the iconic group.

BLACK SABBATH singer Ozzy Osbourne, guitarist Tony Iommi and bassist Geezer Butler moved forward with their Rick Rubin–produced “13” album and subsequent touring without him.

In February 2017, BLACK SABBATH wrapped their “The End” tour in Birmingham, closing out the group’s 49-year career.