overkill, Overkill singer reflects on the time he was told he had 6 months to live…

Overkill vocalist Bobby “Blitz” Ellsworth recently spoke about his reaction to finding out he had just six months to live.

Thankfully, the whole thing turned out to be a misunderstanding due to language differences.  However the singer would find that out after 12 hours of believing his life would be ending.

The terrifying experience would go on to inspire the song ‘Another Day To Die’ from the band’s 17th album White Devil Armory, which dropped last month.

Ellsworth told  RockSverige: “I cancelled a show in Hamburg and ended up in hospital with borderline pneumonia – and a guy there told me I had six months.

“I sat up all night. I remember going through my computer wondering, ‘Who do I owe money to? Who owes me?’ It was a fucking awful 12 hours. I wasn’t expecting that – and I never expected it to come as news to me in broken English. Next day the woman in charge says, ‘No, you have to change your habits or in six months or you’ll be in another hospital.'”

It was also during this time that he wrote ‘Another Day To Die’.

“I suppose I got my wish” he says.

Back in 1998, Ellsworth was diagnosed with cancer of the nose, and also went on to suffer a stroke on stage four years later.

“I just turned 55 and I don’t think of myself as someone who is unhealthy,” he says. “I’m really into hiking – I climb small mountains twice a week with my German shepherd. It just becomes what my body needs.”

Click below to watch Overkill’s official video for ‘Armorist’…

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