ozzy, Ozzy voted the most difficult to to understand….whodathought??

A recent poll was taken in the United Kingdom on who are the most difficult vocalists to understand.  As it turns out to no real surprise that Ozzy Osbourne came in at #1.

The Black Sabbath frontman beat out other singers like Jon Bon Jovi, Jimi Hendrix and Lady Gaga in the final vote tabulated by UK’s Blinkbox.

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According to the survey, one of Ozzy’s top misunderstood lyrics were from the classic “Crazy Train.” Instead of hearing the correct lyrics “Going off the rails on a crazy train,” people in the survey thought that Ozzy was singing “Going off the rails on a gravy train.”

If you think about it though, the Prince of Darkeness shouldn’t even be alive at this point….so the fact that he can still get up in front of thousands night after night and belt it out in fron of Black Sabbath is pretty damn impressive.