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PANTERA’s DIMEBAG DARRELL Once Bought INCUBUS Wranglers To Replace Their ‘Baggy Jeans’

Incubus singer Brandon Bord recollects the time Dimebag bought his band new jeans, because he hated the ones they were wearing.

According to singer Brandon Boyd, late PANTERA guitarist Dimebag Darrell Abbott once bought the members of INCUBUS Wrangler jeans to let them know how he felt about their baggy pants.

Boyd told the story – which took place back in 1999 when PANTERA and INCUBUS were on the road with BLACK SABBATH – on a recent appearance on the ‘Talk Toomey Podcast‘, saying: “There was a moment on… that tour [Black Sabbath/Pantera,] where the guys in Pantera they used to make fun of us for wearing baggy jeans because it was the 90s and they weren’t really the baggy jean type bands. And we celebrated our differences I’ll say, but at one point it became like a joke and at one point he [Dimebag] and a couple other guys came into our dressing room with a platter that had brand new Wrangler Jeans on it and Jack Daniels with shot glasses.

And they came in, I don’t remember it was either Dime… I think it was Dime who said ‘Y’all jeans fit wrong. put these on these will fit you right and take these shots.’ Who are we to say no to these guys? I remember squeezing on these like Wrangler Jeans. And I think I still have them somewhere and took a shot and almost threw up… never been a big drinker. But yeah, they were, even if they didn’t like our band, they were supportive, which is kind of awesome.”

Brandon also went on to discuss his upcoming solo album “Echoes And Cocoons” and more in the interview which can be heard at this location.