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RAMMSTEIN: A Brief History Of One Of The World’s Largest Metal Bands

A brief look at the history of Rammstein.

Brief History Of The Band Rammstein rammstein-2020

A Brief History Of The Band Rammstein

Throughout their nearly 30 years of existence, RAMMSTEIN has never swerved away from their roots.  One of the first bands known for being part of the Neue Deutsche Härte “New German Hardness” in English (NDH), RAMMSTEIN has continued to be commercially successful and critically acclaimed.

Formed in 1994 in Berlin, the band’s six member lineup has not changed, and neither has their consistency. Their signature sound is filled with influences from techno, rock, metal, goth, and industrial, just to name a few. By appealing to a vast array of music fans, RAMMSTEIN is one of the few non-English singing bands to repeatedly hit the charts in North America. The band gained their third Billboard Top Hard Rock Album No. 1 spot with “Zeit” in 2022.

A Very Condensed Origin Story

With a history spanning over 25 years, getting into RAMMSTEIN can seem overwhelming, but don’t worry. Here is a very quick history lesson:

In 1989 Richard Kruspe escaped East Germany, coming to West Berlin and started the band “Orgasm Death Gimmick”. Once the Berlin Wall came down, Kruspe moved back to Schwerin, where vocalist Till Lindermann worked and played drums in the band First Arsch. Kruspe was heavily influenced by American music at the time and went with Lindermann and Oliver “Ollie” Riedel to America in 1992. After realizing he did not want to make American music, Kruspe then started working on crafting a unique sound that was German.

The First Demo

In 1994, a contest for amateur bands with the prize of a week in a recording studio was won by band members Kruspe, Lindemann, Oliver Riedel and Christoph Schneider with a 4-track demo tape with versions of songs from the band’s first project, “Herzeleid”, written in English. This demo got the attention of Paul Landers, who wanted to join the project. The band then recruited Christian “Flake” Lorenz, who had played in the band Feeling B with Landers. Lorenz agreed, and Rammstein was later signed to Motor Music.

Ramstein vs Rammstein

One of the earliest RAMMSTEIN songs was called “Ramstein” with one m, which was about the 1988 Ramstein air show disaster. According to a 2019 feature in Metal Hammer Magazine, after the song was released, people started to refer to them as “the band with the Rammstein song” and “Ramstein band.” Spelling Rammstein with a double m was reportedly a mistake, however, “Rammstein” with a double m literally translates to “ramming stone”. Which is fitting for a band whose history is littered with strong political statements, bans due to obscenity, and live shows featuring BDSM, cannibalism, bazookas firing fireworks, and so many pyrotechnics; Lindemann is a certified pyrotechnician.

Fire, lots and lots of fire

According to a 2021 interview with Ultimate Guitar, Nikolai Sbottka who works the pyrotechnics for the band and is their tour and production manager said that per show, roughly 1000 litres (265 gallons) of fuel is used. From fire shooting into the air from mechanical angel wings to Lindemann wearing a metal tunic that had flames crawling up the arms to masks that made members look like they were breathing fire, Rammstein plays with fire in a way that few artists dare.

The Show Goes On

Having recently released their eighth studio album, the band members of RAMMSTEIN continue to thrill live audiences and listeners alike. Currently, RAMMSTEIN is on tour, playing shows that were initially scheduled for 2020 and 2021 in Europe and North America.

A timeline from 1995-Present

1995 Herzeleid

RAMMSTEIN started recording their debut album Herzeleid in 1995 with producer Jacon Hellner. Their first single, Du riechst arrived in August of that year, with the full album being released in September. The band toured with CLAWFINGER in Warsaw and Prague in 1995 and then headlined a tour through Germany in December.

1996-1997 Second single and Lost Highway

Throughout 1996, the band continued touring and released their second single, Seemann, in January of that year. In March 1996, the band performed on MTV’s Hanging Out in London, which was their first UK performance.

1996 also saw the band’s first boost of popularity outside of Germany. Director Trent Reznor chose two RAMMSTEIN songs Heirate mich and Rammstein for David Lynch’s film Lost Highway. The soundtrack of the film was released in the US in 1996 and throughout Europe in 1997.

The band members found themselves touring through Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, performing n anniversary concert on September 27, 1996, called “100 years of Rammstein”. Guests to the anniversary show included Moby, Bobo and The Berlin Session Orchestra.

1996-2000 Gold Status, Live aus Berlin, and Family Values

Recording for the album Sehnsucht started in late 1996. The album was again produced by Jacob Hellner. The first single, Engel, was released in April 1997 and reached gold status by May 23, 1997. The fan edition of the single Engel (fan edition) contained two previously unreleased songs, Reuerräder and Wilder Wein. The second single from the album, Du hast, hit the German single charts at number 5.

RAMMSTEIN continued touring, and their second album was released in August 1997. The album reached number 1 in Germany after two weeks. In 1998 Sehnnsucht received Gold record status in November.

In 1998, the RAMMSTEIN tour saw the band play their biggest show yet, with over 17,000 fans in attendance. Supporting acts were DANZIG, Nina Hagen, Joachim Witt and ALASKA. The show was professionally recorded and released as Live aus Berlin in 1999. Two weeks after its release, it went to number one on the German album charts.

2000-2002 Mutter

RAMMSTEIN’s third album was recorded in the south of France in 2000 and was released in April 2001. The second single off the album links 2-3-4 was released along with the music video. Ich will was the third single released from the album, and was followed by a tour edition of Mutter featuring alternative artwork, and live versions of Ich will, Links 2-3-4, Sonne and Spieluhr. 

RAMMSTEIN appears in the opening scene of the 2002 film xXx, performing their song Feuer frei! during a concert. The video of the song contains parts of Rammstein’s performance from the film, and snippets of the film as well.

2003-2005 Reise, Reise

RAMMSTEIN recorded their next album Reise, Reise in southern Spain between November and December 2003, and then mixed in Sweden. The first single from the 4th studio album was Mein Teil, which was released in July of 2004.

2005-2006 Rosenrot and Völkerball

Benzin, the first single off of RAMMSTEIN’s next album, Rosenrot was released in October of 2005, and the music video premiered in September. Rosenrot released worldwide in October, and place on the top 10 charts in 20 different countries. During February of 2006, RAMMSTEIN had an asteroid named after them called “110393 Rammstein”. Völkerball, the first live DVD since 1998 was released in November of 2006.

2007- 2010 Liebe Ist Für Alle da

In 2007 RAMMSTEIN began working on their new studio album, and did not tour during 2008. In 2009, Liebe Ist Für Alle da was released, and the first leg of the tour kicked off in Europe. RAMMSTEIN also played their first North American show in 9 years in 2010 in Quebec City for the Festival d’été de Québec.

2011- Made In Germany 1995-2011

RAMMSTEIN released their first best of album called ‘Made In Germany 1995-2011’ in the December of 2011. The compilation contained an unreleased track Mein Land which was also be released as a single on November 2011, along with another song titled Vergiss uns nicht.

2019-2020 Album #7

The band’s seventh album, Album #7, arrived in 2019, 10 years after their last studio album, although RAMMSTEIN had released a live album Rammstein: Paris in 2017.

2022- Zeit

RAMMSTEIN’s eighth studio album, Zeit released in 2022. The band is currently touring the effort with several shows rescheduled from 2020 and 2021due to the global pandemic.

Present Day

RAMMSTEIN continues to tour in support of Zeit. The band members have also been working on new music, and have teased that a new album may be released in 2023. They have also hinted that they may retire after their next album. Only time will tell what the future holds for this legendary band. You can listen to them on Loaded Radio.