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Russian Busker Shreds ‘Metal In Public’ To Shocked Passers-By

Meet Ruslan Malyshev. The metalhead busker from Russia.

Have you ever heard of Ruslan Malyshev?  He’s a YouTuber who’s building quite the following on his channel through uploading videos of himself shredding some well known metal tunes in his home city of Cheboksary in western Russia on the Volga River.

He is far from your typical busker, ripping through tunes such as ‘My Curse’ by KILLSWITCH ENGAGE or ‘The House Of Wolves’ by BRING ME THE HORIZON or the DEFTONES classic ‘Back To School’, while onlookers and people passing by either immediately appreciate the groove by bobbing their heads in agreeance or just sort of appear stunned and blank faced.

But the kids seem to like it.  And isn’t that all that matters?

Check out a few of his videos below.  His YouTube profile can be found here.