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SCOTT STAPP And MARK TREMONTI Are Sitting On ‘Eight Or Nine’ CREED Songs For Possible New Album

CREED singer talks about the possibility of the band making a comeback.

During CREED singer Scott Stapp’s recent appearance on the “Stop! Drop & Talk” podcast, co-hosted by HALESTORM drummer Arejay Hale. he said that he and guitarist Mark Tremonti wrote almost an album’s worth of material for CREED nearly a decade ago before putting the band on hiatus.

Speaking about the possibility of CREED making a comeback, Stapp said: “I actually was just with Mark and [CREED drummer] Scott Phillips Friday. Everything is good. Everything is positive. We are friends. And communication is there.

“Nothing is planned,” he continued. “Right now, there is nothing on the schedule. There is nothing that I am keeping from you.

“When there’s an announcement to be made [about a possible reunion], I promise you guys will know.”

Asked if it’s true that there was some material left over from the “Full Circle” sessions that was never used, Stapp said: “Mark and I got together, I think it was in 2012, and I actually crashed at his place for, I wanna say, a couple of weeks — I can’t remember exactly — and we wrote eight or nine songs. So we’ve got some stuff that we put together in 2012. I was listening to a couple of ’em the other day, and I was, like, ‘You know what? It doesn’t sound old to me.’ It’s something we could demo for a new record. I’m not saying that that’s gonna happen. Don’t put words in my mouth. I’m just saying we did write some songs, and we’re sitting on those.”

Check out the full podcast here.