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SEAN YSEULT Would Be Open To WHITE ZOMBIE Reunion If ROCK HALL Came Calling

Sean Yseult talks about White Zombie in new interview.

WHITE ZOMBIE bassist Sean Yseult recently spoke with Ireland’s Overdrive and was asked if working on the 2016 box set “It Came From N.Y.C.” brought up a lot of old memories for her when it comes to her old band and her involvement in the box set’s creation.

She replied: “Yes and no… and yes and no. As you mentioned, it was mostly [guitarist] J. [Yuenger] and I and past members. Rob [Zombie] edited a lot of it out, and we let him out of respect. Some of it I understood, some I did not. In the end, I think there was enough new information and imagery in there for it to be something exciting for our fans.”

WHITE ZOMBIE broke up in 1997 with Rob Zombie going on to launch a massive solo career the following year. When asked if she feels that the band’s split was the right thing to do at the time or if it should have kept going, she replied: “No. We were burnt out and for various reasons, and with other people involved besides bandmembers, one in particular, Rob was in no way going to do WHITE ZOMBIE any further. J. and I had both agreed to do one more.”

When asked if she would be open to performing with Rob, J. and drummer John Tempesta again for a hypothetical Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame induction, Sean replied: “I would.”

The history of WHITE ZOMBIE came up when Rob Zombie was asked to comment on the publication of “I’m In The Band”, a memoir written by Yseult, who is also Rob’s former girlfriend. In the book, Yseult claimed that the departure of drummer Ivan DePrume led to the eventual disintegration of the group.

Zombie said, “I have not seen it [the book] so I can’t comment. I can barely remember those days, so I’m glad somebody can.”

He added, “Everybody likes to make up stories which aren’t true. I don’t think that’s fair. Ivan left the band, John Tempesta came in and the band sounded better than ever, we kept playing and made bigger records and did more tours so I don’t see how that had anything to do with it.”