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SIXX:A.M. Don’t Have Any Plans To Tour Or Record New Music

James Michael doesn't know what's in store for the future of Sixx A.M.

SIXX:A.M., the project featuring Nikki Sixx, guitarist DJ Ashba and singer James Michael, are set to release the compilation album, “Hits”, on October 22 via Better Noise Music. The album is a collection of SIXX:A.M.’s biggest hits and fan-favorite songs which also includes previously unheard tracks and mixes.

Lead singer James Michael discussed “Hits” and SIXX:A.M.’s future plans in a new interview with Metal On Loud. When it was pointed out that the ‘greatest-hits’ album is usually a sign that a band is at the end of their career, he responded (as transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET): “I think for us, we really don’t know what the future holds for SIXX:A.M. So for us, when we sat down and started doing these recordings [for ‘Hits’], it was pretty much, in our minds, ‘Okay, this is a good way to kind of wrap up SIXX:A.M.’s body of work.’ So we were kind of looking at it as ‘This is the end, at least for now.’ And that was also an important aspect to us going into the studio and doing this because we really wanted to be able to — for lack of a better way to describe it — wrap this up and put a nice bow on it and really feel like we’ve controlled this from the beginning to the end. So it was fun and it was exciting. And as I said, we never know what SIXX:A.M. is gonna do in the future, but for now, we’re looking at this and saying, ‘This is a good way to wrap this up.'”

Asked if there are any plans for SIXX:A.M. to hit the road in support of “Hits”, James said: “We don’t have any tour plans. I know that, of course, MÖTLEY CRÜE has this big tour that has been planned and rescheduled. So I think that that’s probably all-encompassing for Nikki and the gang, as far as that goes. But we right now don’t have any plans to do that.

“When we got off the road a couple of years ago, we were all pretty burnt out. And I think that we just naturally kind of made the decision that that might be it for SIXX:A.M. as far as touring goes. But you never know what time off does to somebody. So we’ll see.”

Watch the full interview at this location.

SIXX A.M. “Hits” track listing:

01. Life Is Beautiful (3:35)
02. This Is Gonna Hurt (3:56)
03. Lies Of The Beautiful People (3:58)
04. Pray For Me (4:13)
05. Rise (3:53)
06. Stars (3:50)
07. Maybe It’s Time (4:21)
08. Skin (3:25)
09. Belly Of The Beast (3:47)
10. Are You With Me Now (4:02)
11. Girl With Golden Eyes (4:20)
12. Accidents Can Happen (4:07)
13. Gotta Get It Right (3:12)
14. We Will Not Go Quietly (4:20)

New bonus tracks:

15. The First 21 (3:20)
16. Talk To Me – Radio Mix (3:39)
17. Penetrate (4:38)
18. Waiting All My Life (3:17)
19. Skin – Rock Mix (3:50)
20. Life Is Beautiful – Piano Vocal (3:06)