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SKID ROW’s DAVE ‘SNAKE’ SABO Talks Attempted Reunions, PANTERA, The New Album & More On THE LOADED RADIO PODCAST

This week we interview Skid Row guitarist Dave "Snake Sabo on The Loaded Radio Podcast where he discusses the band's new album, memories of Pantera and a reunion that was tried and didn't even get off the ground.

This week we interview SKID ROW guitarist Dave “Snake Sabo on our podcast.

Dave is the guitarist for rock and heavy metal band SKID ROW and was born in New Jersey where he grew up close friends with future BON JOVI vocalist Jon Bon Jovi. Sabo would eventually form the band SKID ROW with bassist Rachel Bolan who would go on to release five studio albums, with number six set to arrive later on this year.

‘Snake’ Sabo is known for his energetic guitar playing and dominating stage presence which has always been such an integral part of the rock of SKID ROW.

Despite numerous member changes, particularly in the lead singer position, a revved up SKID ROW remains a driving force within rock today.

The current members of Skid Row are: ZP Theart (new vocalist), Scotti Hill (guitar), Rachel Bolan (bass), Rob Hammersmith (drums) and Dave “Snake” Sabo (guitar).

In the discussion, ‘Snake’ discusses SKID ROW’s upcoming new album, rock n’ roll influences, working with previous singers, why a particular SKID ROW reunion just can’t happen, his friendship with rock luminary Jon Bon Jovi, where the nickname “Snake” comes from and so much more.

Tune in below to a special edition of The Loaded Radio Podcast featuring 30 minutes with Dave ‘Snake’ Sabo from rock band SKID ROW.