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SKILLET’s JOHN COOPER Wants Band’s Upcoming Album To Help ‘People Not Be Ashamed Of Christ’

Skillet frontman hopes band's new music helps people have a better understanding of Christianity.

John Cooper, the frontman and bassist for Christian rock band SKILLET, spoke to 30-CC last week about how he and his bandmates have been spending their pandemic downtime.

The SKILLET frontman said (as transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET): “We did work on music as well, and we are going to be releasing music this year. It’s not announced yet, but I’m very excited about the new project. It’s really aggressive, it is really in your face, and I think that probably is born out of the year that we’ve had. I mean, this has been such a bizarre 15 or 16 months. People are wondering how they’re going to make it. People are wondering, what does this mean for my faith? What can I do to make a difference? And I think it’s becoming clear to people that we are at a breaking point, that there’s a lot of different sides. And so this album, I hope, is an encouragement to people to not be ashamed of Christ, to live your faith, live out the word of God, because the word of God never changes, and everything else, as we’ve seen, is going to let you down in a huge way.”

Cooper adds: “So, everybody look out for new SKILLET music this year. I hope it rocks your face off.”

Cooper released his book last March, titled “Awake & Alive To Truth (Finding Truth In The Chaos Of A Relativistic World)”, which “tackles the reigning philosophies of our day of post-modernism, relativism, and the popular view of the goodness of man-and combats these viewpoints by standing on the absolute truth of the Word Of God,” according to the book’s official description.