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SLIPKNOT’s COREY TAYLOR Makes Terminally Ill Fan’s Dream Come True With Virtual Meetup

Corey Taylor makes a dying fan's dream come true.

SLIPKNOT frontman Corey Taylor is just one of numerous names who have been involved with or helped out the non-profit ‘Living the Dream’ Foundation, which aims to provide ‘Dream Day’ experiences to children and young adults who are battling life-threatening illnesses. The organization (which PIERCE THE VEIL’s Vic Fuentes is the CEO and co-chairman of) continued their work amidst the pandemic and one metal fan in particular named Trevor, who has since passed away, got to talk to the SLIPKNOT frontman in a virtual meeting.

A video clip highlighting a portion of the hour-long conversation between Trevor and Corey Taylor can be viewed below and was made available through Trevor’s family. (Trevor was battling terminal brain cancer at the time).

“I tell you what — I admire your attitude, man. You’ve got a lot of fortitude,” commended Taylor to the courageous Trevor.

Vic Fuentes tells Loudwire: “We started doing virtual Dream Days out of necessity during the pandemic but never expected them to take on such a powerful role in our mission and create some of the most heartfelt and life-changing moments between our guests and their favorite artists,” .

He added, “There’s nothing like seeing our guests smiling and feeling so much positive energy as they meet their heroes for the first time. One conversation can give them so much hope and inspire them to keep fighting for their lives. It’s been a beautiful thing so far, and we’re definitely going to keep doing them, in addition to facilitating our upcoming live festival Dream Day experiences.”

Taylor adds: “It takes two seconds to make the decision to be good to someone in this world. That two seconds can make a person’s lifetime. That is all the reward I need to do what I can for the people with LTD.”

A few weeks after the ‘Dream Day’ experience, Trevor lost his battle with brain cancer, but was said to have been getting out and doing what he enjoyed and loved without being deterred by his paralysis.

Visit the Living the Dream Foundation website for more information.