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STRYPER’s MICHAEL SWEET Calls Women Who Take Abortion Pill “A Whole New Level Of Evil”

Stryper's Michael Sweet blasts protesters gathered outside the Supreme court for their pro-abortion stance.

STRYPER frontman Michael Sweet has a few words for protesters gathered outside the Supreme Court who were videotaped allegedly taking abortion pills ahead of the court hearing arguments over the Mississippi abortion law that is currently challenging ‘Roe v. Wade’.

A number of women were videotaped on Wednesday (December 1) taking apparent abortion pills and chanting “abortion pills forever” while displaying a large black sign that read, “We Are Taking Abortion Pills Forever.” More footage reportedly showed the women chanting, “Abortion pills are in our hands, and we won’t stop.”

Earlier today (Thursday, December 2), Michael shared the video of yesterday’s protest, including the message: “When women are shamelessly and proudly taking ‘abortion pills’ on video with smiles on their faces, isn’t that a whole new level of evil?

“Sometimes I feel like I’m the only one who feels this way. How and why is this acceptable in our world? Are we really this far gone? Celebrating the death of the unborn!!

“God help us and save us……..

“#prolife #godhelpus #evil #life”.

You can check out his post below.


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