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Take A Peek At SLAYER Guitarist KERRY KING’s New $3.65 Million New York City Condo

Slayer guitarist Kerry King is now a New York City resident.

The New York Post reports that SLAYER guitarist Kerry King and his wife, Ayesha, recently purchased a condo in Tribeca, Manhattan for $3.65 million.

Apparently, the renovated 3,522-square-foot condominium was on the market for 45 days and comes with a price tag of $4,572 in additional monthly common charges.

You can take a peek of pictures of the property here.

Ayesha King broke the news of the couple’s move to New York in an Instagram post last November, writing: “I suppose it’s time to tell you all that the King and I have moved to NYC ( back home for me, excited to be near my family again ). I figured I’d beat some acquaintance’s friend buddy who it heard it from a guy to announce it and think he’s cool. I served my time on the west coast for 18 years. Time to be back in the best city on earth.”

Kerry’s SLAYER bandmate and EXODUS guitarist Gary Holt congratulated the couple on their new residence, writing in the comments section: ” No fucking way!!! Congrats on the return home!” TESTAMENT guitarist Alex Skolnick, who lives in Brooklyn, New York, wrote: “Heck yes. C u guys around!”

It was reported back in April 2020 that Kerry and his wife paid $3.81 million for a home in a section of the Las Vegas Valley known as Enterprise. That 6,085-square-foot house has just been listed for $4.8 million.