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TED NUGENT: “NEIL YOUNG Has No Common Sense. He’s Out Of His Mind.”

Ted Nugent has slammed Neil Young over the current Spotify developments.

Ted Nugent is always a man who is more than willing to express his opinion, and when it comes to the recent Neil Young vs. Spotify developments, it is of no exception.

The “Motor-City Madman” has slammed Neil Young for wanting to “censor people” after he demanded that Spotify remove his music from the streaming service in response to “fake information about vaccines” being “spread” on the platform via the Joe Rogan podcast, “The Joe Rogan Experience”. Soon after Young’s ultimatum to the streaming giant, Spotify began to remove Neil’s music catalog from the platform.

Nugent made his comments in a new interview with Kristi Leigh, where he was asked to weigh in on the Neil Young/Spotify situation. He said (as transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET): “Number one, he’s a Canadian so he started at the back of the shitkicker line. And I love my Canadian friends. Look what they’re doing right now, the truckers in Canada,” he added, referencing what started as a truckers’ protest against COVID-19 mandates but has since snowballed into a blockade in the Canadian capital and gridlock at a U.S.-Canada border crossing. “That’s the human instinct. That’s the defiant middle-finger celebration of autonomy and good over evil. So Canadians are great people. But some of them, like Americans and everybody else in the world got so stoned that their brains got burnt. Have Ozzy [Osbourne] form a sentence for ya. And I love the man. But comfortably numb is uncomfortably dumb. And Neil Young is the poster child for that. I mean, [he sings] ‘Rockin’ In The Free World’ but he wants to censor people? Hey, Neil, choose one. You can’t do both, you dirtbag. He’s just a sad… And I hope he’s healthy and happy, but I think his brain is so burnt, he doesn’t know what happy is anymore. If he is ‘rockin’ in the free world,’ then he wants to censor somebody who’s bringing information from world-renowned virologists and epidemiologists and calling that misinformation, but he’s gonna quote Joe Biden as the decree of… Are you kidding me?

“When you do that much mind-destroying chemicals upon yourself, your brain is burnt and you struggle to find logic, truth and common sense,” Ted added. “Neil Young has no common sense. He’s out of his mind. And all you can do is pray for him and ignore his stupidity. That’s what I do.”

Since having his music removed from Spotify, a growing number of artists are following suit, like Nils Lofgren and Joni Mitchell.