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TED NUGENT: ‘The Election Was A Fraud,’ Falsely States ‘A Lot Of Dead People’ Voted

"But I am still fighting for this great president," Ted says.

The ‘Motor City Madman’ is at it again it seems.  Ted Nugent took to the “airwaves” in his most recent episode of his Internet show, ‘Spirit Campfire’, and claimed that this year’s presidential election was a “fraud.  He also falsely insisted that “a lot of dead people” voted and even claimed that a lot of “suspicious” ballots came in for President-elect Joe Biden.

Ted said (see video below): “I’ve been absorbing, searching, reviewing, masticating and regurgitating. All the evidence I can find, the election was a fraud. There were an awful lot of dead people that voted; I don’t have the exact number, but there were a lot of dead people that voted. There were a lot of suspicious ballots brought in in the middle of the night in giant boxes and in giant numbers that we have eyewitnesses and people who have actually signed affidavits accordingly that these boxes came in full of thousands and thousands of ballots that were only for Joe Biden. So I can go on. I think everybody who doesn’t have their head too far up their ass already knows this kind of evidence.

“But I am still fighting for this great president,” he continued. “I believe in Donald Trump, and I really don’t believe in the Democrats anymore. I see what they’re proposing, I see what they stand for. They’re gonna get us back in the Paris Accord, which means we get to pay for other people’s polluting fines. They’re gonna get us back in the World Health Organization, which is basically an arm of the communist Chinese government. They’re gonna open our borders, because nobody needs secure borders; that’s just a silly thing that racists implement.”

The presidential race ended with a victory for Biden with 306 electoral votes. Biden had received nearly 80 million votes across America — the most votes cast for any presidential candidate in history — compared to nearly 74 million votes for Trump.