metallica, The feud between Motley Crue and Metallica has been reignited…

It looks like an old feud has been reignited between Metallica and Motley Crue after Motley drummer Tommy Lee mocked Metallica drummer Lars
Ulrich with a Twitter photo following appearances by both bands at this year’s Rock in Rio festival.

The hostility between both bands dates back to their early days when Motley Crue dominating the glam scene on the Sunset Strip in Hollywood
and Metallica were one of the pioneers of the thrash metal scene in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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At one point, Ulrich accused Motley Crue of using a backing tape during their appearance on the 1997 American Music Awards which caused bassist
Nikki Sixx to respond: “Dear, Sweet, Fat, Balding Larz (love the make up babe!). Taking your ever moronic soapbox position on a subject that’s
NONE of your f***ing business has made you to be an a**hole as usual.

“Considering that me and Tommy know that your live tapes have been re-recorded, And ALL your instruments were repaired in Pro Tools (and had
the balls to lie to your fans and call it a ‘live’ album)…People in glass houses should NOT throw rocks!!! considering you decided to take
your bullsh*t to the press, we feel its only fair to return the punch!! You are such a poseur and thanks for releasing that ‘load’ of sh*t CD
of yours…you made more room for us.”

It appears now that Tommy Lee has taken a shot at Lars’ drumming ability by posting a photo on Twitter that was created by a N.W.A biopic
Straight Outta Compton meme generator that states “Straight Outta Tempo” over a photo of the drummer Ulrich.

The post is below…