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There’s Now A Guitar Pedal That Turns Every Note You Play Into A Fart

The Fart Pedal also comes with "fake out" decals so you can trick your friends leading to hours of hilarity.

So now there’s apparently a guitar pedal that will make your playing sound like literal “shit”. Well, flatulence to be specific. Ladies and gentlemen we introduce you to…The Fart Pedal.

According to the guys over at Metal Injection, the Fart Pedal creator, a brilliant lad named Steve Gadlin, is currently asking for $30,000 on Kickstarter to create the first 250 pedals and has received around $47,000 thus far. If this is a cause you sincerely believe in then by all means drop a donation at this location.

The Fart Pedal also comes with “fake out” decals so you can trick your friends and laugh so hard at their reactions when they attempt to wail that brutal riff that you actually fart in real life.

The Kickstarter edition of The Fart Pedal comes sealed in a 28oz. aluminum can with an illustration by artist Noah Ginex, and a numbered and signed certificate of authenticity.