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This Is What Happens When Someone Takes A Sh*t In A Circle Pit

Don't shit in the circle pit.

Numerous fans who attended the TURNSTILE show in Santa Cruz on August 30 have reported a renegade pooper making a complete mess of the circle pit and front of the stage area during the show.  He remains at large.

TURNSTILE are currently on tour in support of their new album ‘Glow On’, which included a stop at a Vets Hall in Santa Cruz on August 30 with support acts SHOW ME THE BODY, NEVER ENDING GAME and GULCH. Now it seems at some point during TURNSTILE’s performance, human shit ended up smeared on the side of the stage and floor area.

As you can see below, Twitter poop sleuths who were at the TURNSTILE show have been abuzz about the phantom shitter. Footage of the concert, which can be seen below, doesn’t seem to be very helpful in identifying the secret pile dropper. Any help would be welcome and appreciated. Oh and apparently there is a commemorative t-shirt now which can also be seen below.

Don’t shit in the circle pit. We can’t believe we actually have to say this.

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