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This Video Of A Wheelchair-Bound SLIPKNOT Fan In The Circle Pit Is The Best Thing You’ll Watch Today

Slipknot fans always have each other's backs in the circle pit. Even if you're disabled.

There is a new viral video on TikTok showing a wheelchair-bound SLIPKNOT fan taking part, with aid from fellow maggots, in a live circle pit at one of the band’s shows.

The video was originally posted by TikTok user ilostmybrain and has already racked up over 1.5 million views. The below Twitter version is currently at almost at 100k views. Check it out below.

The video just reiterates the passion and respect that metalheads have for one another, especially SLIPKNOT fans or “maggots”, despite any physical hinderances.  It’s simply about the music.

this made me cry :,) I love slipknot’s fan base pic.twitter.com/Rmk73F3Kn5