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TRIVIUM Frontman MATT HEAFY Says METALLICA Is ‘Truly The Greatest Band In The World’

Trivium's Matt Heafy talks opening for Metallica at their recent "intimate" show in Hollywood, Florida.

TRIVIUM recently opened for METALLICA at their “intimate” concert on November 4 at Hard Rock Live at Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood, Florida. And it was quite the occasion for TRIVIUM frontman Matt Heafy.

Speaking to El Cuartel Del Metal about how TRIVIUM scored the support slot at the METALLICA gig, Heafy said: “It was Sunday afternoon [four days before the show]. I think we were just about to watch a movie with the kids. And I got an e-mail from our manager. He’s, like, ‘METALLICA asked if you can be available for this Thursday.’ We were, like, ‘Yes. Yes, we can. Let’s do everything we can.’ But we had to keep it quiet ’cause it wasn’t fully confirmed yet. It didn’t get confirmed until, I think, 30 minutes before we started driving down to South Florida. So we had to get our crew back down to Florida, get our gear back together, rehearse again. Luckily, we all rehearse so much individually, it’s not like we’re ever sloppy; it’s not like we take time off. So we were ready to go. And we made it happen. We got down there. We weren’t able to say ‘hey’ [to the guys METALLICA], but METALLICA left us an amazing handwritten letter and gave us a box of [METALLICA’s] Blackened [whiskey].”

He continued: “To be able to see them at a quote[-unquote] small show; I mean, a small show for them is seven thousand people. That’s more people than we can do on a big show. So, to be able to watch them that close — I was able to be on the floor and watch them — it was incredible. They’re all amazing, but [James] Hetfield’s [METALLICA frontman] voice sounds better than ever. I don’t know how the hell that happened, but he sounds like a better singer now than he’s ever been. And it’s just so amazing. The vibe was great.”

Heafy added: “They’re truly the greatest band in the world and [have] always been the greatest band in the world. And it’s awesome that they thought of us. They were, like, ‘Hey, let’s get TRIVIUM down here.’ For METALLICA to have an opening band, that’s usually just their decision; it’s whatever they wanna do. And the fact that they picked us was really cool.”

When asked if TRIVIUM have ever received feedback from METALLICA about their music, Heafy said: “Way back in 2006, we did festivals with them. I remember we’d never met them before. Lars [Ulrich, METALLICA drummer] pops his head in the dressing room. We were, like, ‘Holy crap.’ He starts talking to us. He said how they really liked the ‘Master Of Puppets’ cover we did for Kerrang! [magazine]. They obviously liked the band ’cause they brought us out. I remember they brought us, AVENGED [SEVENFOLD] and BULLET [FOR MY VALENTINE] out for a couple of off dates and they kind of looked at the three of us as the next generation of metal bands, which was really cool. They’ve always been complimentary. I’ve been able to hang out with Kirk [Hammett, METALLICA guitarist] a couple of times. Kirk took us out to an incredible sushi dinner on that tour. Kirk has taken us out to an incredible Chinese place in San Francisco years and years and years later. We’ve always kept good casual contact with them, and they’re the kings. They’ve always been nothing but truly wonderful, welcoming, amazing people.”

Listen to the full interview at this location.

Also in TRIVIUM news, the or lando based metallers have released an in-hangar playthrough of the title track to their latest album, “In The Court Of The Dragon“. They had acclaimed producer, etc. Josh Wilbur mix the audio of the performance afterwards.

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