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U.K. Airbnb Refuses To Allow Metal Fan To Rent Property Due To Musical Taste

A Bristol U.K. Airbnb apparently won't let yo stay there if you like certain metal bands.

It seems a metal fan going by the name of Kayleigh was recently denied accommodation by an Airbnb host based in Bristol, UK due to the fact that she is a metalhead.

Kayleigh was in town to catch one of her favorite metal bands, DEATH BLOOMS, therefore needed a place to crash after the concert.

Upon reserving her rental, Kayleigh was shocked to find out upon arrival that she would not be able to stay in the unit due to her taste in music. Expressing that they were “not comfortable with the nature of this music”, the host outright denied Kayleigh access to the property.

When the host was pressed by Kayleigh to give a reason for the refusal, they stated that while they “have no issue with anybody’s taste in music”, they “find [DEATH BLOOMS’] music and lyrics aggressive, expletive-riddled and disturbing”.

Airbnb list a detailed Nondiscrimination Policy on their website, which does state that that where a person’s characteristics are not protected by law, eg, race, gender identity or sexuality, hosts are free to reject the booking based on “personal preference” – for example, “Airbnb hosts may decline a booking with pets, or to guests who smoke”.

Airbnb have since notified Kayleigh that they will “take a closer look into [the situation]”.

As for DEATH BLOOMS, they have released a new single called ‘One Release’ which can be heard below. The song is taken from the band’s upcoming debut record ‘Life Is Pain’, which arrives on October 22nd via Adventure Cat Records.

Pre-order ‘Life Is Pain’ at this location.