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Video: BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE Guitarist MICHAEL ‘PADGE’ PAGET Gives Us His ‘Five Essential Guitar Driven Albums’

Bullet For My Valentine lead guitarist Michael "Padge" Paget gives us his top 5 essential guitar-driven releases in a new video.

We recently say down with BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE guitarist Michael “Padge” Paget to hear his ‘Top 5 Essential Guitar Driven Albums’.

Are you a new guitar player looking to break into metal riffs?  Or perhaps a longtime player looking to hone your skills with some new shred techniques? ‘Padge’ has you covered in the video below.

BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE recently released their self-titled album on November 5, and follows the success of the band’s last album, 2018’s “Gravity”, which saw the metal juggernauts’ catalog surpass one billion streams in the U.S. That accomplishment solidifies BULLET’s hard-earned status as one of the most elite bands in the hard rock scene.

On the last cycle, BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE played its biggest shows to date, including a U.K. arena tour and a massive show at London’s Alexandra Palace. But this time around, the band has taken things back to basics. “Bullet For My Valentine” is stacked with squealing solos and monstrous riffs that will delight fans — both new and old.

“I think it’s the most ferocious side of BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE that I’ve ever known,” says lead guitarist Michael “Padge” Paget. “It’s time for us to put out a really angry, heavy, aggressive record. I just can’t wait to grimace on stage!”

“I wanted to come out guns blazing, fucking middle fingers flying, and just go for the throat,” agrees guitarist/vocalist Matt Tuck. “I think this is a far more aggressive, intense part of BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE. It’s always been there. I’ve just never opened the floodgates on it. I want to take people’s heads off in a metaphorical way.

“This is the beginning of BULLET 2.0. It signifies where we are right now. The music is fresh, it’s aggressive, it’s more visceral and passionate than it’s ever been.”