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Video: LAMB OF GOD Perform With Guest Vocalists From CHIMAIRA, IN FLAMES And TRIVIUM

LAMB OF GOD vocalist Randy Blythe had to miss the band’s performance Tuesday night (April 19) in Grand Rapids, Michigan after testing positive for COVID-19.

Thankfully, the metal community stepped up as TRIVIUM’s Matt Heafy, IN FLAMES’ Anders Fridén and Mark Hunter of CHIMAIRA all took turns fronting LAMB OF GOD for the performance.

You can check out fan-filmed video of the concert below.

After the show, Hunter shared numerous photos from the experience along with the caption: “I had the honor of singing for LAMB OF GOD tonight. @drandallblythe was unavailable due to having COVID. It was an absolute honor and I’m extremely grateful they thought of me. Get better soon, Randy!!”

Prior to last night’s show, Blythe released the following statement via social media: “After two years, the ‘rona finally got me. Regrettably, the symptoms of COVID look pretty much exactly like regular tour life for me- achey/sore throat/headache (I’m 51 years old, I scream & jump around like a maniac to very loud music for over an hour each night, so of course I ache & have a sore throat & a headache- that’s just called ‘tour’), so I thought what I was feeling was just normal. However, after my throat got worse, just to be safe I took a test, & it popped up positive. I IMMEDIATELY isolated myself from my band & all other humans, contacted anyone I had been near to let them know, & will continue to isolate until I am no longer contagious.”

He continued: “This is the correct, ethical thing to do- what feels like a really bad cold to me could mean something very, very different to an immuno-compromised person who is unable to be vaccinated like I am, or an elderly person. I am already feeling better, but in order to protect my band, our fans, and the health of the tour, I have to miss tonight’s show. This sucks, but it’s the cost of doing business these days. Our old friend Mark Hunter of CHIMAIRA fame will return to the stage & fill in for me tonight- thank you, Mark, you’re a solid dude & I know you will kill it! I only wish I could be there to see it! I hope to be back onstage later this week.

“Thanks for your understanding in advance- this is nothing I wanted to happen, but I am doing my best to do the right thing here.”

LAMB OF GOD are currently on the road with MEGADETH, TRIVIUM and IN FLAMES for “The Metal Tour Of The Year”.


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