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Fan-filmed video footage of some of Steel Panther's recent live performances, featuring Dazzle on bass, can be seen below.

STEEL PANTHER have announced the addition of bassist Rikki Dazzle to their ranks following the departure of longtime four stringer Lexxi Foxx.

You can check out fan-filmed video footage of some of STEEL PANTHER’s recent live performances, featuring Rikki Dazzle on bass, below.

When STEEL PANTHER first announced Lexxi’s exit in July, the band jokingly said that Foxx “started his side business, ‘Sexy Lexxi’s Prettiest Pets,’ to bring in money for Botox during the lockdown.” After realizing that “his love for making pets pretty was greater than his love for being pretty himself,” he chose “to hang up his mirror and focus on his newfound passion: making ugly dogs pretty,” the group wrote in a statement.

Haley recently announced the formation of his new band HOLLYWOOD GODS N’ MONSTERS with longtime friend and television celebrity from MTV’s “Pimp My Ride”, Diggity Dave.