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Video: MÖTLEY CRÜE’s TOMMY LEE Barely Avoids Serious Injury In Swimming Pool Accident

Tommy Lee almost got pretty seriously hurt in his pool. Thankfully, it just turned out kind of funny.

MÖTLEY CRÜE drummer Tommy Lee almost got seriously hurt when he fell into his pool after walking a little too close to the edge.

In a new video posted to social media by Tommy’s wife, Brittany Furlan Lee, he can be seen playing fetch with his dog around the pool of their Los Angeles home when his left foot suddenly slips out from under him, sending him crashing into the water.

Brittany made fun of her husband on social media, sharing the home security video on her Instagram and writing: “When ur a witch and ask ur husband to shower but he refuses”. She then added in a caption: “Sorry @tommylee but at least ur clean now”.

When one of Brittany’s followers asked her if Tommy was “okay”, she responded “he’s fine”. Another follower then asked if Tommy “refuses to shower”, to which the 35-year-old replied “once a week” and added a nauseated face emoji.

Tommy also shared the clip and added in a caption: “Thanks babe. Now the pool is dirty!!!!”

Check it out below.


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