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Video: SLIPKNOT Once Again Stop Performance To Assist In Getting Aid To Struggling Fan

Corey Taylor stopped Slipknot's concert in Ohio last night so he could direct EMTs to a fan who appeared to require medical attention.

During SLIPKNOT‘s performance last night (June 1) in Cincinnati, Ohio, the band halted their performance so that singer Corey Taylor could direct EMTs to a concert-goer who seemed to be in need of medical attention.

During the concert at the Heritage Bank Center in Cincinnati, as part of the “Knotfest Roadshow” trek with CYPRESS HILL and HO99O9, while SLIPKNOT were in the middle of their banger track “Unsainted“, guitarist Jim Root walked over to and nudged Taylor, pointing to a spot in the crowd.

“Hold on. Hold on guys, hold on,” Corey said to the other members of SLIPKNOT. “Guys we got something going on right there. Can we get EMTs in there? Everybody back up, give some room. Give some room, make sure they can get in.”

Once Taylor confirmed that the fan had been taken to safety, the SLIPKNOT singer said, “I just want to make sure they get somewhere where they can get looked at, guys, I promise,” and he thanked the audience for cooperating and being patient.

You can watch fan-filmed footage of the incident below. It’s not known exactly what had caused the fan to require medical attention as of this point.

If this story sounds familiar, it’s because it’s the second time this year that SLIPKNOT have had to stop their performance to bring attention to someone in the audience who was in need of assistance. Back in April, during a concert in Winnipeg, Corey Taylor stopped the band’s set to direct medical service workers to a fan within the pit who was in obvious need of assistance.

We sincerely hope all those involved are doing alright.

And as for SLIPKNOT, we love you guys too.