We’re doing another voting blitz here at Loadedradio.com as we now want to know who YOU believe are the top FEMALE FRONTED METAL BANDS of all time.

This is a celebration of the women in hard rock and metal. It’s not meant to separate women from the pack, but to bring attention to some of our favorite female artists within the heavy music genre. Some of the greatest bands in hard rock and metal today are fronted by incredibly talented and badass women.

This is your chance to vote for your favorites.

Much like our previous list, the ‘Top 13 MOST INFLUENTIAL HEAVY METAL Bands Of All Time as voted by YOU’, we will be tabulating votes via the website, radio station requests and email. After 30 days, we’ll publish the results right here on the website, displaying the Top 13 female fronted metal bands of all time as voted by you. The Loaded Radio listener.

Simply give us your answer(s) in the voting widget below and we’ll publish the results in the days ahead.

Wanna vote for an artist or band(s) you don’t see listed?  Simply add your entry to the “Other” option and we will include it in the final tabulation.