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Watch MGK Get Booed By SLIPKNOT Fans Onstage At ‘Louder Than Life’ Festival Last Night

Machine Gun Kelly had his first performance since he slammed Slipknot at the Louder Than Life festival in Louisville, Kentucky last night.

Just one week after rapper turned rocker Machine Gun Kelly took a shot at SLIPKNOT onstage at this year’s Riot Fest in Chicago, it seems he may be starting to regret that decision.

MGK had his first performance since the comments directed at the Corey Taylor fronted band at Louisville, Kentucky’s ‘Louder Than Life’ festival last night. The festival lineup was heavily stacked with metal bands, therefore you can guarantee that there were a lot of SLIPKNOT fans on hand.

Well, turns out there were. And they made their presence known to MGK.

Video footage has surfaced showing MGK trying to calm the crowd who are booing mercilessly and flipping him off. He can then be heard responding to a one particular concert goer, saying “I see you dude, I see you mad as fuck in your weird fucking outfit. I’m here for the same shit you’re here for [the music], so it’s all good. Clearly, I’m not going nowhere, so just enjoy.”

MGK then proceeds to pull out a lightsaber, stating “You keep fuckin’ with me, homie? Trained Jedi, bitch!”  Yeah. Seriously.

The person posting the video indicates that MGK was talking to her nephew who was apparently wearing SLIPKNOT gear close to the stage.

You can check out a few videos from last night below.