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Whitesnake frontman David Coverdale has shot down as "misleading" the claim that Tommy Aldridge is suffering from "severe health problems"


WHITESNAKE singer David Coverdale has denied “misleading” claims that drummer Tommy Aldridge is suffering from “severe health problems”. According to Coverdale, Tommy has been simply “under the weather” as of late, causing him to cancel the band’s upcoming appearance at a Spanish festival.

Yesterday (June 25), the Rock Imperium festival in Cartagena, Spain released a statement claiming that WHITESNAKE‘s booking agent had relayed to them that “Tommy Aldridge is having severe health problems,” causing the band to pull out of the event. They also wished the drummer “a quick recovery.”

Soon after Tommy Aldridge’s Twitter account @tadrums responded to the Rock Imperium statement, calling it “patently untrue”.

WHITESNAKE’s official web site released a statement apologizing for the cancelation of the Spanish performance due to “unprecedented challenges”, yet did not mention anything about Aldridge’s health.

Earlier today (Sunday, June 26), David Coverdale took to his Twitter to address Tommy’s health, saying: “Now Hear This!!! ‘Tommy was under the weather, as we all can get, but is getting better: he never had, what was inaccurately described as ‘severe health problems’ and can’t wait to get back out there to perform for the fans!’

“The Spanish promoter released a misleading statement”.

Tommy Aldridge‘s latest studio release behind the drum kit for WHITESNAKE was “Flesh & Blood“, which came out in May 2019 via Frontiers Music Srl.