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WITHIN TEMPTATION Reschedule ‘The Aftermath: A Show In A Virtual Reality’ Online Event To Mid-July

Within Temptation push up their upcoming online event.


WITHIN TEMPTATION have been forced to reschedule this month’s online spectacular ‘The Aftermath: A Show In A Virtual Reality’ due to technical issues.

The event was originally scheduled to take place on July 8th and 9th, but has now been pushed to air one week later, on July 15 and 16.

“You all know we are absolute heroes in rescheduling dates and now we’ve reached a new milestone: our shortest postponement in our career so far!” says WITHIN TEMPTATION vocalist Sharon Den Adel. “We’re working very hard on our VR-event, but as it’s something we’ve never done before – and definitely something you have never SEEN before, we sometimes experience a few hiccups in the process that are completely new to us and the crew.”

“To smooth everything out and create the best possible, spectacular and mythical experience for you, we’ve decided to postpone The Aftermath – A Show In A Virtual Reality to July 15th and 16th,” Den Adel explains. “It’s only one week and we know that it’ll be worth the short wait. We can’t wait for you to see it. It’s going to be a show to remember!”

Explaining the concept behind the event, the band describe The Aftermath as “a show that takes place in different scenes of a post-apocalyptic world, in which we are witness of the aftermath of destruction of mankind. A world in which it is unknown if anyone or anything of the human race survived. It is a search for answers about both its becoming as well as its legacy.”

“The Aftermath is an online show,” they add, “fueled by bleeding-edge technology that enables us to do a performance that’s out of this world – literally! During this digital show we play a variety of newer and older songs in four different worlds.
Expect guest singers from all over the world to join us on stage for striking duets in even more striking settings!”

Tickets for The Aftermath: A Show In A Virtual Reality are available at this location.

Tickets purchased for the original dates are automatically valid for the new dates. Those who are not free to watch the show on the new dates can be reassured that they will be able to watch it for 48 hours after the start.