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YOKO ONO Actually Doesn’t Sound That Bad Singing Over Metal Riffs

Yoko Ono doesn't sound half bad as a metal artist.

Comedic shredder, and internet genius of the week, Andre Antunes, has uploaded a video to his YouTube channel of Yoko Ono’s “unique” singing styles played over his metal riffs.

And it kinda works.

Andre has been providing metal soundtracks to a vast amount of characters including wailing church pastors, navy march drills and so many more (Seriously, you really should check out his YouTube page.  It’s pretty awesome) for quite some time now and has established himself as quite the creator of hilarious, heavy content.

The original video has Yoko Ono performing at the Museum of Modern Art back in 2010, while Andre shreds riffs. Her performance, titled ‘Voice Piece For Soprano And Wish Tree’, would seem unlistenable to many, however when you add the sheer, metal talent of Antunes, the results are just genius.

Check it out below.