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You’ll Never Guess What Word METALLICA Use Most In Their Lyrics

What pyric does Metallica use the most?

A METALLICA fan Reddit user – u/Relic827 – has taken the time to analyze every single lyric the band has ever used for a comprehensive study on frontman James Hetfield’s most commonly-used words.

First off, it’s not “Yeah!”, which I’m sure many people expected.  That landed at #12.  It also wasn’t Hetfield’s belted out “No!”s .

It’s “never.”

“Enter Sandman,” of course, has the lyrics, “Off to never never land,” while “Through the Never” and “The Day That Never Comes” have the word right in their titles. “The Unforgiven,” “Nothing Else Matters,” “Don’t Tread on Me,” “Wherever I May Roam,” and “Master of Puppets” are just a few of the others to use the word. Oh and “Blackened”.  We can’t forget “Blackened.”

You can see the full chart below. “Nevoah!”